Cyber Bullying Facts: My Personal Experience With Cyber Bullying

One would think that at my age (I'm 29) I would not have to deal with cyber bullies, and I had wrongfully believed that cyber bullies were just young kids and teenagers making fun of their peers online up until a couple years ago when I began developing and managing various websites.
One of the more recent websites I have managed provides users with news and current events from the perspective of multiple authors who are all United States military veterans. After the website had gone live the authors had begun to receive many compliments for the quality of content they were producing. However it did not take long before adult cyber bullies (also known as trolls) began to rear their foul-mouthed heads.
At first I was horrified. I could not believe the nastiness written in the comments section of many of the articles. I was forced to make a choice: Should I argue with them and feed their egos or should I ignore them? I can't lie -- It was a tough choice. As much as I wanted to rip apart their illogical arguments (along with a few arms, legs, and ears) I knew that I would be playing right into their hands so I chose to ignore them.
A smart choice. After a couple weeks of not responding to their taunts the trolls began to fade away. Not that their activity has stopped completely but the regular visiting trolls seem to have focused their energy on other endeavors for a while.
As an adult I knew not to take those comments personally but I remember being so frustrated for a while. It wasn't until this all happened that I realized how tough it would be growing up as a child today where the Internet and easy anonymity is pervasive in society. I think I was eight when my family bought its first computer and I took my first taste of the Internet. But back then there was no Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or texting so I never even thought twice about being bullied online. I can only imagine what kids today have to deal with.
That's why it is important to realize that even adults are capable of cyber bullying, and just like children, many adults might not even realize that their actions constitute bullying. Bad habits like smoking, unhealthy eating, and spitting can be easily passed on from parent to child. Try to make sure that cyber bullying isn't one of those bad habits that you pass on to yours.