Should You Let Your Kids Watch the New Weinstein Company Movie "Bully"?

First allow me to clarify. I do not have kids so I will not pretend to know what is best for your children, but having been bullied throughout my formative years I cannot help but demonstrate a strong reaction to the subject.
I had a hard time believing the news after learning the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) refused to lower their R-rating of the Weinstein Company's new movie Bully. Then I learned something surprisingly horrifying:
Cyber Bullying Fact: The MPAA is nothing but an anonymous group of parents based in the Los Angeles area assigning movie ratings using applied "family values".
Why does that bother me so? Until yesterday I had naively believed the MPAA was a legitimate association who used some type of advanced algorithm to assign ratings based on a specific set of criteria. It scares me to think that this secretive group can determine what "family values" are for general American public.
Their decision to give the movie an R-rating effectively disenfranchised the youth who would stand to benefit from viewing it. The Weinstein Company has since decided to release the movie unrated but has struck up a deal with AMC to show the film at select theaters.
I do not expect a majority of teenagers to enter the theater with an open mind, in fact I think quite the opposite. Call me a pessimist (though I prefer realist) but I think a lot of teens would want to see this movie for a good laugh. The optimist in me though, however small it may be, also believes that at least a few of those same teens may choose to treat others differently after being exposed to both sides of the bullying.
I do hope you choose to allow your children or students to view and learn from this film. Please talk to your kids about bullying and make sure they know how their actions can affect others in ways many teens cannot comprehend without some quality guidance.

Watch the official Bully trailer below: